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<p>本文收集一周来业界关于nodejs的相关动态信息及新闻摘要。 <br/></p> <br/> <br/><h2>Node on iOS</h2> <br/><div> <br/> <br/>Nathan Rajlich写了篇在iOS上运行Node的文章: <a href=“”>NodeJS on iOS</a>. <br/>他建立了一个项目 <a href=“”>node-iOS</a>,为了让iOS原生支持Node. <br/>你的手机必须先越狱。 <br/><h2>Native Windows Support on v0.6.0</h2> <br/>让更多windows开发者加入Nodejs,原生支持node是必须的! <br/> <br/>详细请看PPT: <a href=“”></a><a href=“”></a> <br/><h2>Nedis</h2> <br/><a href=“”>Nedis</a> (MIT License, npm: nedis) by TJ Holowaychuk is a Redis server implemented with Node. <br/>TJ has posted some benchmarks of it: <br/><pre escaped=“true”><pre><code>SET <br/>nedis: ops 25048, per second 5009.6 <br/>redis: ops 54850, per second 10970 <br/> <br/>GET <br/>nedis: ops 32729, per second 6545.8 <br/>redis: ops 54714, per second 10942.8 <br/></pre></code></pre> <br/>作者初衷是为了好玩而写了这个模块 ^_^: <br/> <br/>He’s written a blog post with more details: <a href=“”>Redis Implemented With Node</a> and mentions the background of the project: <br/> <br/>[…] however as our team grows larger, and as we add more non-technical team members over at LearnBoost I figured it would be nice help prevent the need for compiling development dependencies. <br/><h2>Will the Rise of Javascript Mean the End of LAMP?</h2> <br/><ul> <br/> <li>原文: <a href=“”>Will the Rise of Javascript Mean the End of LAMP?</a></li> <br/> <li>中文: <a href=“”>Javascript的兴起是否意味着LAMP的终结?</a></li> <br/> <li>引起争论的文章: <a href=“”>NODE.JS AND THE JAVASCRIPT AGE</a></li> <br/></ul> <br/><h2>虚拟研讨会:Node.js生态系统之框架、库、最佳实践</h2> <br/><ul> <br/> <li>原文: <a href=“”>Virtual Panel: The Node.js Ecosystem - Frameworks, Libraries and Best Practices</a></li> <br/> <li>中文: <a href=“”>虚拟研讨会:Node.js生态系统之框架、库、最佳实践</a></li> <br/> <li><a href=“”>StackVM</a> 也大量使用了Nodejs: Peteris和James(StackVM):<a href=“”>StackVM</a>本身,它使用了我们为Node.js编写的几个其他模块</li> <br/></ul> <br/><h2>Javascript 模板引擎性能比较</h2> <br/>根据<a href=“”>JavaScript template language shootoff</a>的测试结果: <br/><ul> <br/> <li>最慢:<a href=“”>Mustache.js</a></li> <br/> <li>最快: <a href=“”>doT.js</a> 和 <a href=“”>doU.js</a></li> <br/></ul> <br/><h2>ORM on Node</h2> <br/><ul> <br/> <li><a href=“”>Node-ORM</a> is a NodeJS module for multiple databases using Object-Relational Mapping.</li> <br/> <li><a href=“”>Mongoose</a> is a MongoDB object modeling tool designed to work in an asychronous environment.</li> <br/> <li><a href=“”>Nohm</a> is an object relational mapper (ORM) written for node.js and redis.</li> <br/> <li><a href=“”>couch-ar</a> is a thin active record implementation for couchDB</li> <br/></ul> <br/><h2>SPDY Server on node.js</h2> <br/><img src=“” alt=“spdy” /> <br/> <br/>最近google的<a href=“”>SPDY</a>话题也很火的,果然,在nodejs已经有人实现了一个模块 <br/> <br/>SPDY Server on node.js: <a href=“”></a> <br/><h2>The JavaScript Disruption</h2> <br/><a href=“”>The JavaScript Disruption</a>: The mainstream programming language for the next ten years will be JavaScript. Once considered a toy language useful only for checking form fields on web pages, JavaScript will come to dominate software development. Why this language and why now? <br/> <br/></div> <br/>

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这个 ? 我这边的测试结果还是doT和doU最快喔