NodeJS/AngularJS Ninjas wanted in Shanghai!
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Challenge Yourself at Letsface!

My name is Ricky Ng­Adam and I’m the CTO of Letsface in Shanghai. I’d like to invite you to join an exciting startup focused on delivering software that events guests love and helps our customers create amazing events. We want software developers (frontend and/or backend) that can Get Things Done and have experience with a variety of programming languages, development environments and type of projects.

We offer: ● a market competitive salary suited to your abilities and skills ○ intern: compensation to be negotiated ○ junior: 10,000+ RMB per month (negotiable) ○ senior: 20,000+ RMB per month (negotiable) ● an international, Silicon Valley­like startup environment with a wide­range of learning opportunities ● a deeply passionate creative, sales and account management team with aggressive targets ● the opportunity to travel in China and internationally for events

Candidates must: ● have excellent reading, good writing, acceptable speaking English abilities ● have a deep passion for technology ● be excited by our industry (events) ● be available to support and work during and sometimes at the site of events when needed

Candidates should (we can help with learning these skills): ● have the ability to build systems that quickly adapt to constantly changing requirements ● be self­taught, self­directed with a strong sense of initiative ● interact positively and professionally with customers ● be able to deliver under pressure

We prefer candidates that: ● have project experience in two or more of the technologies we currently use ○ Linux, Nginx, PHP , MySQL ○ Android and iOS SDK ○ HTML5 (HTML, Javascript, CSS) ○ C++ and embedded devices ● have project experience in some of the technologies we may use ○ NoSQL (Redis, MongoDB, etc) ○ Angular.JS, Knockout.JS ○ Git and Github ○ Python ○ Chrome Packaged Apps ○ Amazon AWS ● have used and implemented software engineering best practices ○ source control, continuous build, automated tests, usability testing, issue tracking ● have contributed to OpenSource projects

Send your resume to and we’ll be in touch!

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全英的招聘信息 - 好现象

看不太懂怎么办 - 学好的动力 - 薪水不错

因为工作对英语的要求比较高,所以招聘信息是全英 ;-)


Challenge Yourself at Letsface!


简历里说是acceptable speaking就行

@jabez128 excellent reading, good writing, acceptable speaking English abilities,目前只有 acceptable reading English abilities……