which LTS to install? 4.6.1 or 6.9.1 ?
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I installed an new ubuntu(so no chinese input…) then find that there are 2 LTS version of nodejs. what’s the main difference? And which one i should install? i mainly want to learn “small wechat app” and “vuejs 2.0”… thank you.

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it is really confusing that there are 2 LTS version…




@feitian124 It’s common that a software has more than one LTS versions. Ubuntu also has lots of LTS versions: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases

It’s obvious that the main difference is v6.9.1 has more features than v4.6.1

I would recommend v6.9.1 since it becomes a LTS version.

Also, you can checkout the LTS end date for v4 and v6: https://github.com/nodejs/LTS#lts-schedule

thank you all, i will try 6.9.1. “I would recommend v6.9.1 since it becomes a LTS version.”

在nodejs@6.x上,node-inspector工作不稳定,看这个issue: https://github.com/node-inspector/node-inspector/issues/907 考虑到《“node --inspect=<端口号>” + Chrome Dev Tool>还是处于Experimental阶段(请见:https://nodejs.org/api/debugger.html#debugger_v8_inspector_integration_for_node_js ) ,我推荐使用nodejs@4.x

在6.x sequelize有些莫名其妙的问题 不知道现在修复没有 推荐4.x

如果用node做服务端,推荐V4, 如果用node做前端,不用我推荐,前端都是喜新厌旧的人。。。