Node.js meetups? Node.js聚会?
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Hi everyone,

I’m a Canadian living in China and my Chinese isn’t so good (still learning) so I will write this in English (sorry!). I am located in Shenzhen and I was wondering if there are technology meetups and events (e.g. Node.js) here. Otherwise, any Wechat groups? Any resources to help me discover the developer community in China would interest me. I can understand Chinese a little and am looking forward to improve, it so Chinese events/meetups/groups are fine!

谢谢 Oli 奥利 (微信:olalonde)



我是一个住在中国的加拿大人,我的中文不太好(还在学习)所以我会用英文写这个。 我位于深圳,我想知道是否有技术聚会和活动(例如Node.js)。 否则,任何微信群组? 任何帮助我发现中国开发者社区的资源都会让我感兴趣。 我可以理解中文一点,我期待着改进它,所以中国的活动/聚会/团体都很好

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Hi Oli, I will add your Wechat.