微软、IBM、GitLab 等大厂全部到齐的 OCS 第一天有什么看点?
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在本周一的推文中我们大致介绍了下 Open Core 峰会及到场嘉宾,(≧▽≦) 当然还有 Nebula Graph 在会场的展位位置图,本文我们来看看 Open Core 峰会第一天有哪些值得一看的议题。


Adventures and Misadventures in Category Creation & OSS: The Neo4j Story - Emil Eifrem, Neo4j, Inc.

Neo4j Founder and CEO Emil Eifrem will share war stories from a journey that began with sketching out the property graph data model on a napkin, and has led to running the leading company in the fastest growing database category.

All the while trying (and sometimes succeeding!) to combine category creation, open source, developer marketing and enterprise selling into a complex brew that will one day lead to inevitable world domination.

不知道作为现图数据库领域的领头羊,Neo4j 除了给我们科普构建图模型之外,会给我们带来怎么样的惊喜…

Creating Authentic Value: Open Source vs. Open Core - Deborah Bryant, Red Hat, Inc.

Recent emphasis on cloud technologies has put a spotlight on how software companies work in today’s business and technical environments. Some companies have moved from traditional software licenses and instead have chosen to try to protect their software through creative licenses such as “open core”. Unlike open source, where value is placed on community, collaboration, and services, open core businesses place their value on software features.

Red Hat’s successful experience as a completely open source company has shown that value is not in the code, but in the support and expertise by being a part of a true community. In this talk, Red Hat’s Deb Bryant will share observations and cautionary tales from the world’s most successful open source company on how open core has time and again been demonstrated to not be truly open, limits community innovation, and delivers essentially proprietary software to customers.

Red Hat 本次带来的演讲主要是和开源许可证有关,不禁让人想起去年 Redis 和 Neo4j 都更改了开源许可证的事情,希望本次 Red Hat 的分享能解答我们对开放源码和开放软件核心业务的部分疑惑…

Commercial Open Source Business Models - In the Age of Hyper-Clouds, GitLab bets on Buyer-based Open Core - Priyanka Sharma, GitLab Inc.

Today is the day of hyper clouds and companies based on open source projects have challenges building a business. GitLab, the first single application for the DevSecOps lifecycle, has grown 177% YoY at the same time. In this talk, Priyanka Sharma, Director of Technical Evangelism, GitLab Inc. will share the road the company took to success. She will talk about:

  • Implications of being a commercial open source (COSS) company today
  • The business models GitLab considered
  • Our chosen model of buyer based open core
  • How buyer based open core works
  • Advantages of our choice

This talk is ideal for anyone looking to understand how open source can be monetized and will provide unique insight whether you are a startup founder, end user, or cloud provider.

GitLab 的演讲主要是如何将开源和商业化相结合,开源本身并不是一种商业模式,而是一种开发模式和软件的推广,或者说是传播模式,GitLab 本次的演讲也许能给我们一些开源同商业相结合的新启发。

Opening up the cloud with Crossplane - Bassam Tabbara, Upbound

Today, cloud computing is dominated by a few vertically integrated commercial providers. In this talk Bassam Tabbara, founder of the open source Crossplane project and CEO of Upbound.io, will discuss how the open source community can tip the market towards a more open, horizontally-integrated cloud ecosystem.

Decentralization: A new opportunity for open source monetization - Ben Golub, Storj Labs

The emergence of cloud computing has spurred massive innovation, decoupling software from the infrastructure on which it runs. However it has also brought about huge challenges for open source companies in search of sustainable business models, causing them incorporate new licensing models other tactics to compete against the cloud computing giants. Decentralized cloud platforms make new economic models possible that allow open source platforms to monetize all their customers - not just their enterprise users.

This session will look at the intersection of open source, decentralization, and cloud and how it can empower open source platforms in new ways. It will also explore how decentralization and open source software can combine to eliminate downtime in the cloud, remove single points of failure, democratize trust, improve accountability, and radically improve security and privacy at a foundational level.

云计算将软件同其运行环境相分离,Storj Las 带来的演讲侧重点在于开放源码、分散化和云的相结合实践方案,此外你对云计算中的安全、隐私方面有兴趣的,这个主题或许能给你带来新的领悟。

Open Source Adoption: The Pitfalls and Victories - Ido Green, JFrog

In this talk, we’ll share some key insights so other project owners can avoid falling into the same holes we’ve fallen into. Further, we’ll share some interesting statistics about the DevOps market that will help you gain insight into your own domain, and how you can practically address larger market movements that the bosses’ bosses’ bosses are really caring about.

看样子,JFrog 这次的会给我们带来大量的 DevOps 数据方面的分享,不知他们在市场上踩过的坑能给我们带来多少启发:)

On building a business around viable open-source project - Kohsuke Kawaguchi, CloudBees, Inc.Kohsuke Kawaguchi

In this talk, I’d like to look back at the history and share what worked and what didn’t work, such as the difficulty of justifying engineering efforts to OSS, how enterprise product can stifle open-source, and the impact and the consequences of hiring people from the comm

CloudBees 的演讲摘要中规中矩,不知周四的现场演讲会不会带来不一样的体验…

Your Product and Your Project are Different - Sarah Novotny, Microsoft

Open source is a licensing and development model. Your open source project may be the basis for your product, but they are two different things. Let’s talk about a few challenges which can happen if that distinction is forgotten.

The open source journey from Initical code to IPO - Shay Banon, Elasticsearch creator/founder

Elasticsearch creator/founder and Elastic CEO shares first-hand experiences writing the first million lines of code (likely more!) and guiding the company to an IPO eight years later.

PANEL - Investing in Open Source - From Promising Project to Enduring Company - Konstantine Buhler, Meritech Capital (Moderator)

Join two of the world’s top open source investors, Martin Casado (Andreessen Horowitz) and Mike Volpi (Index Ventures) as they discuss open source investing. Every open source company begins with a passionate community. But the most enduring open source companies navigate a nuanced path to commercialization. Don’t miss out as Martin and Mike share stories, discuss patterns, and offer insight into building incredible open source companies. The panel will be moderated by Konstantine Buhler (Meritech Capital).

“每个开源公司都始于一个充满激情的社区”,👀 也许 Martin 和 Mike 的故事能给做开源社区的公司指一条明路…

Percona - Monetizing Open Source without Open Core - Peter Zaitsev, Percona

All Percona Software Products are 100% Free and Open Source. We do not do Open Core, Shared Source or Open Source Eventually. Yet Percona has been growing every one of 13 years it has been in existence, all without relying on Venture Capital or other External Funding, and now reaching over $20M of ARR. In this presentation you will hear our story and why our approach to business may (or may not) workfor you.

开源数据库技术大会主办方 Percona 好像和 Open Core 峰会唱了个反调:without Open Core :) ,也许我们也能学习下如何通过开源和软件,且不靠融资,获得 2 千美元的 ARR

Cygnus: COSS From the Absolute Beginning - David Henkel-Wallace, Leela.ai

In this talk I will briefly describe the software ecosystem of 1989 and what inspired me to found Cygnus, along with Michael Tiemann and John Gilmore, in my living room. I will then discuss what has changed and what has remained the same since then. Finally, I will address some risks I see for the COSS ecosystem, based on.

Software-Defined Telecom: From Open Source to Mainstream, Bringing Complex Technology to the Masses - Anthony Minessale, SignalWire INC

From the early days of VoIP starting with Asterisk and through the advent of FreeSWITCH and on to WebRTC, Learn how the evolution of Software-Defined Telecom led by SignalWire has brought us to a new era in telecommunications.

看样子能 Get 新电信时代不少信息,不知道会给通信这块业务带来怎么样的灵感。

Open Source and Open Core – Not a Zero Sum Game - Andi Gutmans, AWS

Gutmans will talk about his early journey in open source, how he’s seen open source evolve over the years, and why the relation between open source and open core is not a zero sum game.

Dual licensing: its place in an Open Source business, with reflections on a 32-year success story - L Peter Deutsch, Artifex Software

This talk will cover one of many possible maps of how to structure thinking about Open Source business; how Ghostscript does and doesn’t align with that map; what has made Ghostscript successful; and a perspective on dual licensing in general.

Disrupting the Enterprise with Open Source - Marco Palladino, Kong

The Open Source revolution transforms and scales the modern Enterprise by increasing team productivity, and improving business scalability. Specifically when it comes to networking and services, OSS technologies have played an important role in redefining entire applications and architectures, ultimately transforming the organization in a distributed organism. This session explores the open source revolution, and its impacts in the Enterprise, and how it transformed organizations operationally, technologically and culturally.


The New Business Model - Creating Operational Excellence around Open Source with Cloud - Jason McGee, IBM

Public clouds have risen with an interesting mix of Open Source and Proprietary software and APIs. At IBM, we have built our global public cloud on an open source foundation. In this talk Jason will discuss the value that can be created delivering open source technologies as a service on cloud, including the role Open Source plays in cloud, the power of open source in enabling clients to leverage cloud in a portable way, the incredible combination of open source projects that had to come together to create and operate a full stack cloud platform and the rise of new value and business models for open source that are enabled by as-a-Service cloud delivery.

IBM 的本次演讲也是围绕着本次大会的热门议题:云计算,包括开源在云中所起的作用、将开源的力量和云移动相结合,最终实现开源云交付服务。

Going Global with Open Core - John Newton, Alfresco Software

To build a successful open source business, you have to think beyond your project and start thinking globally almost from day one. Taking and contrasting experiences of building both an open source, open core business and a proprietary software business, John presents the advantages and challenges of building a global software business using an open core model. This presentation examines the role of the community, partners, channels and the project in moving beyond a home market.

Some of the issues addressed are: how do you look beyond your home market, how do you hire to grow globally, how does an open core model work in a global market, how do you fund global growth, and how do you compete against giant proprietary incumben.

Making Money with Open Source - Marten Mickos, HackerOne

As for making money with open source, Marten coined the saying “Some people will spend any amount of time to save money; others will spend money to save time.” which is key to figuring out how to make money in open source.


浏览了 Open Core Summit 第一天的演讲摘要,「云计算」和「OSS 技术」是本届峰会的宠儿,由于摘要的内容有限,图图只能和大家小点评了下,欢迎关注 Nebula Graph 的订阅号:Nebula Graph Community 查看会场的演讲 (≧▽≦) 想加入图数据库交流群的请添加微信:NebulaGraphbot

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