[Serverless Inc] Senior Software Engineer - Tencent Serverless Framework
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We’re making an exclusive edition of the Serverless Framework for the Chinese developer community, made in partnership with Tencent Cloud, titled “Tencent Serverless Framework”. Our goal is to help developers and organizations in China innovate rapidly with less overhead via serverless infrastructure and tools. We’re hiring senior software engineers to grow our Tencent Serverless Framework team and deliver world-class developer tools. This role will focus on the powerful back-end behind Tencent Serverless Framework. Here are a handful of problems we’re trying to solve for our users which you will be working on:

• Delivering easy, powerful and elegant developer tools. • Designing and scaling our own serverless architecture, which powers our product. • Enhancing developer team collaboration with cutting-edge developer workflows. • Integrating serverless architectures with other technologies.


  • Extensive experience with cloud services (e.g. Tencent, AWS), specifically services common to serverless architectures (Tencent Serverless Cloud Functions, AWS Lambda, Tencent API Gateway, Tencent CAM, AWS IAM, etc.).
  • Extensive experience building REST APIs, streaming data, and other common application architectures on the above services.
  • Extensive experience building REST APIs and other back-ends in the Node.js runtime.
  • Experience working within a distributed team and project management in Github.
  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Fluent in English and Chinese.
  • Located in China.

Our Values

  • Inspired - Motivated foremost about serverless and making it accessible to all through delightful developer tools.
  • Takes Initiative - Converts ambiguity into clarity. Identifies what matters most, and never waits to get it done.
  • Customer Experience Above All - Prioritizes the customer-facing experience above all else, delivering function, structure, and aesthetics with exquisite care.
  • Owns It - Owns the goals, and most importantly, their results.
  • (Over) Communicates - Never expects communication, ensures it, with emphasis on excellent written communication.
  • Kindness - Treats everyone inside and outside of our organization with dignity, and respects differences in perspectives, opinions, and experiences.



  • 良好的英文沟通能力
  • 优秀的Node.js开发经验
  • 系统设计经验
  • 对云服务商提供的服务有一定了解
  • 独立的产品思维能力(打造用户喜爱的产品)


  • 为开源社区贡献代码的经历
  • 自己的业余项目
  • 你最喜欢的产品/开源项目已集结理由
  • 对serverless的产品看法



Email: oliver.wang@serverless.com

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